Indian Army Shells Pakistan Army Post In Shakargarh - Connection With Kashmir Elections?

By Sikander Hayat

Indian army has today fired shells on Pakistani army in the Shakargarh region and has injured 2 Pakistani soldiers.  As usual both sides have blamed each other for starting the firing. BJP is trying to form government in Indian Administered Kashmir and this could be a ploy to concentrate minds in PDP camp.

This is not a new tactic and has been deployed in the past. At the moment BJP is fighting hard to not only be part of government in Kashmir but have the post of chief minister at least on the rotation basis. BJP does not have a single seat in the Kashmir Valley & Ladakh as both of these areas are Muslim majority. All of BJP's 25 seats have come from Jammu which has a Hindu majority. BJP's hindutwa politics have worked their magic in Kashmir and have divided the state on religious level by making Kashmir & Ladaakh voting for Muslim candidates & Jammu entirely going for Hindu candidates.

Few years ago Pervez Musharaf forwarded an "out of box" solution in which he went for a similar split and effectively ceded Jammu to India but asked for Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir Valley & Ladaakh to be merged with Pakistan in the final solution to the Kashmir issue. BJP by using the Hindutva card has made that plan an electoral reality in Kashmir.

Now BJP is trying to get in the Kashmir government by hook or by crook and is arm twisting PDP of Mehbooba Mufti & Mufti Muhamed Sayeed to cede to BJP's demands and allow a Hindu CM for the first time in Kashmir's history.

Firing on the international border & line of control is part of this plan to show who calls the shorts in Kashmir and in case PDP does not allow BJP into the state government, the potential of BJP's government in the centre to make Kashmir ungovernable by using Indian army against the Muslim population of Kashmir & against Pakistan.

This is one more present by Modi & RSS after the forced conversions of Muslims & Christians and their mission to make India a 100% Hindu country.

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