Why India Is The Biggest Threat To Pakistan?

By Sikander Hayat

1. India has never accepted Pakistan and whenever any Indian politician or intellectual tries to say anything of the sort, he or she is demonised by the Indian media and society and branded a traitor straight away. Story of Jaswant Singh is not very old and then there was Advani on Pakistan a few years ago.
2. The only country Pakistan has ever fought a war against is India and 1948, 1965, 1971 (also a small level conflict in Kargil sector) are examples of this long history of conflict.

3. According to the formula of British exit from Pakistan & India in 1947, any autonomous Muslim majority areas were to join Pakistan but India forced the Hindu Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir to allow Indian troops to occupy Kashmir and as a result Kashmir has become a festering wound causing perpetual conflict between India and Pakistan.
4. Pakistan & India have fought wars and killed thousands if not hundreds of thousands of each other and still Pakistan is being told by the West that their enemy is anyone else but India.
5. RAW ( Research & Analysis Wing) which is an Indian spy agency is orchestrating discontent in the Pakistani province of Balochistan by using the Afghan soil.

6. In 1971, India attacked the East Bengal province of Pakistan and occupied it, eventually turning it into present day Bangladesh and not long ago Rahul Gandhi who is the grand son of Indira Gandhi (who was the Prime Minister of India at the time of invasion of East Bengal) boasted about this “achievement”. Pakistan cannot allow this sort of thing to happen again and must prepare itself against any aggression by India in the future.
7. On all international forums, Indian media, its intellectuals and its lobbyists in Washington and other foreign capitals spend a lot of money to keep Pakistan under microscope and give it bad publicity.

These are just few of the reasons why India is the actual mortal threat to Pakistan and not Taliban or Al Qaida. Taliban and other outfits like it are a nuisance in the long run and will run out of fuel eventually but India is an actual threat to Pakistan, its land, its people, its interest at home and abroad and must be treated as such. My request to all foreign journalists is this “Stop lecturing us on who our enemies are because we have lost enough lives to know who that is”.


  1. All right, lets go over these point by point...

    1. India has fully recognized Pakistan and the two nations have diplomatic missions in each others countries so where is the non-acceptance of Pakistan? You're confusing the Jinnah debate with something else.

    2. India is the only nation which Pakistan has fought wars with because Pakistan declared war and initiated hostilities on all occasions including 1971.

    3. The British formula you speak of stated that any princely state cannot be allowed to exist after the partition and must join either India or Pakistan. The leader of the Kashmir signed with India after Pakistan basically declared war on him and sent in troops. By law India's hold on Kashmir is technically legal, "Azad Kashmir" isn't.

    4. Again Pakistan started all those wars.

    5. RAW is a complete joke as opposed to the CIA trained ISI and even you will agree on this. RAW cannot even secretly follow journalists in India, the idea that it can forment trouble in other parts of the world is laughable

    6. Pakistan started the first air raids. Pakistan first declared war, ergo Pakistan started the 1971 war.

    7. And now you are in denial. By this statement you declare Pakistan to be the only one who is pure and righteous and everybody else in the world to be liars, misinformed idiots or both. The truth is that Pakistan needs to grow up and turn into a shining example for the rest of the Muslim world, but this will not happen if it continues its stupid India fixation.

    1. Dude, where did your get damn "FACTS", from Sean Hanity or Fox TV. I wonder

  2. this is a joke. Pakistan was part of India, it was the Pakis who wanted their own Islamic state, India GAVE you Pakistan.

    Without India's agreement, you wouldn't have Paksitan in the first place and now you say India is the biggest threat to the stability of Pakistan?!!! Whilst your politicians, women and children are being murdered on the streets by your Muslim brothers..... you people are seriously brainwashed....

    1. Then how the fuck do you explain Muslim govermenets before Brits and how the fuck Pakistan came into being before India, you dumb ass.

  3. Look Mr. "Anonymous" next time write your comment in a reasonable manner and refrain from using racial slurs. What? You think by acting like a complete idiot you will convince anyone your opinion is right?

  4. To an extent we in India do agree to your points but with some deliberate changes. There are people here in India who claim that had it not been them, the Pakistan could not have happened. Truly speaking of Advani and Jaswant, Jaswants' has not been ridiculed for praising your Qaide Azam but for painting true picture of what happens with Muslims in India till date. True, minorities like Parsis, Christians etc are pampered but when it comes to Muslims, the state goes in a disarray so that they do not demand and need exhorbitant force to acheive something. This has been true with the Congress pre and post 1947 and the BJP. You need not be surprised that all the criminal acts of Hindus are called Nationalist and this is the very reason you find more than 60% jail inmates to be Muslims!! This negates Maulana Azad's calculation that Muslim could have been better with the 20% population they would have had in undivided Hindustan but we know what happens to 80% Kashmir or 35 Asam or 35% Kerala and worst of it 30% of West Bengal. Any way, we Indians are enough to set these creature right while you put your house in order so that together we prove that Muslims, though divided into two countries, their common faith is a binding force and settle the final thing, bring the faith to others.

  5. why cant i post a comment?sad

  6. How can india GIVE us Pakistan when india itself was under British rule? Talk sense please. The balochistan issue is because of indian hand and has been proven again and again, Its too sad that Pakistan media is not as strong as the indian counterpart to make the world leaders focus on this. .
    As for who initiated the wars....I will say india started it and you will say Pakisan started it. There is no solution. But again...look at the poor kashmiris and you will see indians are the real aggressors.
    After knowing my muslim brothers from india here in the US, I am so glad my parents migrated to Pakistan where they can live proudly as a muslim and not face religious incidents. Please dont give me the story of shia muslim VS sunni muslim riots in Pakistan. I am from the city of Peshawar where they say such riots happen and till 2004, i did not see a single riot ( i moved to US for studies )
    By the way...more than 82% of inmates in USA are colored ( non-white ). Ever wondered why? If people of a certain race or religion is supressed, they are bound to revolt and do things they shouldnt be doing. If the colored people get equal opportunity for better jobs as whites, they will equally excel like them and not just increase their ratio in jails.
    It definitely is true that india is the main threat to Pakistan and Pak should be ready to face its biggest threat, instead of fighting afghans or pashtuns. The reason for past 3 wars must mean something.
    Long Live Pakistan.

  7. it is pak that has given birth to talibans now taliban is killing pak people everyday,by attactking on the public places.moreover there are thousand of talibanis spread allover who are ready to kill thousand of pakisthani on a signal from there head.it is talibas not india who is killing pakisthani leader one by one including b butto.it is taliban who said that they want to aquire whole pakisthan land not india.many pak youth have been brainwashed by talibans and using them against pak only. i think takibans is bigest threat to pak and secondly pak itself is bigest therat to pak becouse pak leader is doing nothing to distory talibans infact they are supporting talibana thinking that taliban will support them against india,if in the case of war.as far as india is concern,i think india is more focus on development rather than pak but at the same time pak is more focus on india rather than development of its people.as far as pak and threat is concern, pak is bigest threat to whole world becouse of its nuke capabilities and political instability,any army person can rule there and use these nuke wapions against any body

  8. punjabis and punjabis army is responsabile for creation bangladesh . because of punjabies don't want a elder brother over punjab .. punjabi army still playing active role in baluchistan , killing inncoent baluch people . so called baluch terriost. punjabi army still not aceepting ppp mandet and start propaganda againt Mr Asf zardari because he belong to sindh.. why Z.A.Bhutto hanged by punjabi army , why benazir bhutto killed by punjabi army consiprecy , still continue consiprecy aginst small province especialy Sindh and baluchistan .

  9. Dear Anonymous,

    You can blame the army in many cases but you cannot call it a Punjabi army. All of Pakistan's army dictators who ruled the country are as follows: General Iskander Mirza was a Muhajir, General Ayub Khan was a Pakhtun, General Yahya Khan was a Pakhtun, the only civilian martial law administrator in the history of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was a Sindhi, General Zia Ul Haq was a Mohajir and was born in India and then the latest Army General who ruled Pakistan was Pervaiz Musharaf. Musharaf was a Urdu speaking Muhajir.
    You can see the folly of your argument here. Army, which has ruled Pakistan for more than half the time after independence and which has committed many mistakes in your eyes, has never had a Punjabi as its head when it ruled the country. So a Punjabi army ruling Pakistan is the biggest myth manufactured by the enemies of Pakistan.

    Many Thanks for your comments.

    Yours sincerely.
    Sikander Hayat

  10. India on 3 December 2013 successfully test fired its surface to surface ballistic missile Prithvi-ll from Chandipur in the Balesore district of Odisha. The test which is a part of the user training exercise of the Indian Army and it was conducted from lunch complex 3 of the ITR in Chandipur along the Odisha coast.
    The last user trial of Prithvi-II was successfully carried out from the same base on 7 October 2013.
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